Praying Bold Prayers Book & Journal Bundle

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** Journal Available For Pre-Order! Will be Shipped March 15th, 2023. **

You can now get the combination of the Praying Bold Prayers Book & Journal

You'll have access to this powerful book of prayers that will guide you into how to walk Boldly in your lifes purpose!

As you're going through the book Praying Bold Prayers, you'll want to have a journal that goes along with the prayers to document what God is revealing to you. This journal is designed to help you with prompts that inspire you to document what God is showing you as you're praying your way through the book. 

Habbakuk 2:2 tells us to "Write the Vision and make it plain!"

This journal will support you with documenting your Vision so that you can recall all that God is showing, and all that He desires to do in and through you!